To start with an abstruse sentence: For the beginning I finally launched my blog.

In other words: I already planned for a long time to tinker with my website. Especially when some guys asked me hundreds of times what's the reason for me holding a domain for years just with the underlined italic headline on it... Hey, there are lots of other network services than HTTP(S) and I have thousands of other things to do than to care for any homepage. But the tide has turned when I went to Grenoble (France) to continue my studies abroad participating the Erasmus Program. Instead of telling everybody the same things about that and writing a public report for future students I simply decided to blog it.

One additional remark regarding the language(s) used here: Generally it should be English but nevertheless I'm going to write the stuff about my year abroad in German because not everyone of my family members and friends is able to understand English very well.

On the right you can see the tag cloud for this website including the blog.

Alright... Enjoy! :)


This website/blog is cooked up with vim in marcdown markup, compiled by ikiwiki and revision controlled by git. The header shows "Panorama à 360° du massif de la Chartreuse au dessus du Fort du Saint Eynard" published by Daniel Reversat under cc license.